Leather Care Lotion

Búfalo Leather Care Lotion contains real beeswax.

It nurtures all smooth leather items requiring special care, such as bags, furniture, car seats and shoes. The combination of high-quality ingredients keeps the leather smooth and supple. It permeates into the leather immediately, leaving a glossy, grease-free shine.

Available as a 500 ml spray in neutral.

Carefully remove all dust and dirt before using the lotion, and test the compatibility of the material on an inconspicuous part. Spray the lotion onto a soft cloth and apply it to the leather. Leave it to dry, and then polish if required. Please note: the atomised spray may leave a slippery film on the floor.

When used on leather bags or jackets, additional treatment with Búfalo Super Impregnator will give maximum protection from dirt and moisture.

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Leather Care Lotion